The Cutter Wedge™

The Cutter Wedge™

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The Cutter Wedge 3-Pack SET of 3 Lofts - 52°, 56° and 58°

The Cutter Wedge 3-Pack SET of 3 Lofts - 52°, 56° and 58°

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"Better Physics...Better Golf"

The CUTTER WEDGE has the highest rate MOI or "Forgiveness" rating in the industry.  With a rating of 3486 gm-cm2 which is 26% higher than the industry avg. of 2603 gm-cm2



Besides, being played in every state in the US, the Cutter Wedge has been sold across the globe. 

Still think it's a GIMMICK?


The Cutter Wedge

We introduce the Cutter Wedge™, our newest club, designed to get you closer to the hole. The unique wedge shape expands the surface area for maximum contact and consistent shots. This innovative club cuts through all surfaces and manages any lie, letting you play easily in all course conditions.

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Innovative Sole

Unlike regular wedges, the Cutter Wedge has a crescent-shaped sole that distributes the weight to the center of the face. This expands the sweet spot of the club, improving contact with the ball for stronger, better strikes.

Traditional wedges do not provide alignment assistance due to their asymmetric face profiles. The Cutter Wedge, on the other hand, has a symmetrical face and this allows you to visualize proper alignment down the intended path of the ball.  In short, you'll hit straighter shots.

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Better Scrambling

Our customer say that they have picked up 3-5 strokes a round since they began using the cutter Wedge.  Why?  The Cutter Wedge builds confidence, provides better aim and hit straighter shots meanwhile improving your scrambling stats. The shape of the face makes the club easier to control and align, which lets you quickly recover if you miss the tee shot.

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Bigger Sweet Spot

The leading edge of a traditional wedge tends to be flat and long. This increases the surface area of the leading edge and makes it more difficult for you to strike with the sweet spot of the club.

The Cutter Wedge has 66% less leading edge because of its triangular face shape, which results in a 75% bigger sweet spot.  Also, the face profile of our club cuts across surfaces instead of dragging through it, reducing friction in your swings. With Cutter Wedge, you’ll enjoy more accurate strikes and less missed hits.

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Effortless Swings

The club feel of the Cutter Wedge is extraordinary.  The self-aligning and center-balanced face allow the club to cut through the turf, resulting in effortless swings.

The toe and heel does not drag the club or block the face, letting you hit the sweet spot with more precision.

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    Seriously, this club is magical!  I was so skeptical in the very beginning it took me two months to come back and buy the club. Well, much to my surprise the club is everything you say it is and more. I honestly have dropped 2-3 strokes per round because of this club. I’m a good driver but, seemingly end up short almost 80% of the time but, now the Cutter. wedge gets me so close I’m one putting about 50% of the time.

    Next thing you’re gonna tell me that it’s plant-based and good for me!...

  • Flat out the best wedge I have ever hit!!

    "...in my 47 years of playing the game, I think it may be the best wedge I have ever hit.   I let my son try it and his 1st shots at the pin were within kick-in range. I am going to order your 52 and 58 degree to create a set to replace my new Callaway Mavrik wedges"

  • "Outside the box...inside the leather"

    "I received the wedge on a Friday afternoon and went to the range. I hit 100 balls and I was impressed.   I hit it high, hit it low, flop shots, spin shots, distance control, too good to be true?  I think not!
    Playing the next day the first time I put the club in my hand I knocked in a 20 yard pitch and the balance of the round I hit 5 shots within 10 feet.    Great feel, great balance, easy to hit and would like 520 and 58 degree when available..."


When will I receive my Cutter Wedge?

We ship your product within 1-2 business days and our free shipping takes approximately 3 to 7 days to arrive within the UK and Europe.

Q. What are the Degrees/Angles of the Cutter?

A. The Cutter's design incorporates a 52°, 56° & 58° of loft and extra deep 10°/12°/6° bounce with a 64° lie angle

Q. What makes the Cutter so unique?

A. The Cutter has 66% LESS leading edge than the average wedge which means the Cutter can "Cut" through the grass vs. dragging.  This means that the sweet spot also increases by 75% which give the Cutter it's unique shape.

Q. What kind of lies can the Cutter hit besides the fairway?

A. The Cutter can hit off ANY lie there is because the angle of which the cutter performs best is:

⦿ Uphill

⦿ Down hill

⦿ Above your feet

⦿ Below your feet

⦿ Thick Rough

⦿ Thin lies

⦿ Sand Traps

⦿ All situations

Do you offer discounts for college & high school teams?

Yes. All online golf club orders must be placed by the team coach to qualify for the discount. Please call or email us for details on how to order.

Q. Who designed the Cutter?

A. The Cutter was originally designed and conceptualized by Dickie Walsh (Manufacturer, Inventor and Entrepreneur).  Dickie began to play around and tinker with wedges and later saw when the toe was turned downward it had the ability to cut through the surface vs. dragging and it also increased the size of the sweet spot.    

Alongside Dickie is Jeff Sheets of the world-renown golf firm of Jeff Sheets Golf LLC.   ​Jeff has worked with more than 60 of golf's Majors winners and two dozen golf Hall of Fame members on their most important tools - golf clubs. Over the past quarter century Jeff's expertise in designing, fitting and customizing golf equipment has led to countless victories with some of the game's biggest names.  Jeff’s work on the Cutter Wedge legitimizes and validates it's innovative design and uniqueness because he's kind of a Big Deal in the Industry! 

Q. Does the Cutter Wedge conform to the rules of golf governed by the USGA & RA?

A. The USGA has evaluated the Cutter Wedge and has established that it “Conforms with the Rules of Golf” and you can look it up here:  https://www.usga.org/InfoClubsDB/Search.aspx

Q. Does the Cutter Wedge have a U.S. Patent?

A. YES!  The Cutter Wedge has been issued a U.S. Patent No. 10,758,793.  you can see it here: https://portal.uspto.gov/pair/PublicPair 

What is your return policy?

You can return or exchange the item within 30 days of your purchase, granted that it is in unused. If you purchased a product through a partner site or store, please contact that specific partner for a refund.   

Q. What makes the Cutter so important to my short game?

A. The Cutter will allow golfers to hit closer to the hole, providing a better chance to 1 putt...in other words, “Get up and Down”. The triangular shape minimizes turf resistance in the rough and on side hill lies and allows the club to “CUT” through the surface vs. dragging the club. Apart from the face shape the Cutter is a traditional sand wedge in every other aspect. It incorporates 56° of loft and 12° of an extra deep bounce with a 64° lie angle.

Q. Why hasn't anyone come up with this yet!? It seems so obvious!

A. We're not sure other than we're innovators and creative types!  We took a chance and the USGA awarded us compliance and now you have the "Cutter"